Is William Off His Schedule, Or On Mine?

Both William and Terry have a cough again, very much like we all had a few weeks ago. So far I've seemed to avoid it this time around (knock on wood). So William is up multiple times in the night from coughing. I think the worst was Saturday, I think he was up at least once per hour from midnight on, and didn't fall back asleep quickly after he woke up. Last night wasn't too bad, I think I picked him up at 2:43am, then not again until around 5:40am, but at that time I must've picked him up three times in the next fifteen minutes, so I gave up trying to keep him in his cradle and put him on me, and he finally fell back asleep.

I fed him when my alarm went off at 7am, but we were both still tired and fell back asleep, so I didn't fight that. Ordinarily we get up at 7, he'll eat baby sauce at 8, and be back down for a nap by 9am. But today we didn't wake up until 8:30am.

So he wasn't ready for his nap at 9am, and Terry fed him and played with him until he got tired at 10:30am. He's been sleeping for nearly 1.5 hours now. He usually eats at 11am, but his schedule is so far off at this point I'll just go with the flow. I certainly feel better than if I'd gotten up at 7am. I'm psyched up to work on my trading again, so I'm glad last week's malaise was just temporary. It's also sunny today, which I think helps me.

William definitely has been weaning himself from his late-afternoon catnap over the past few weeks (most days he skips it, sometimes he'll take it) which is easier for my schedule. And if he's going down to two naps a day, the afternoon one should be later than he's been going down, so this off-schedule today might work to help transition him there. Instead of napping from 1-3pm, I'd like to get him napping 2:30-4:30pm or so.

Hopefully his cough will clear up soon, and I won't catch it, and we can get back to sleeping through the night.