Laundry Pet Peeve Handled

It has been bugging me for a long time that the laundry room is such a disaster area. Terry does most of the laundry, but he doesn't fold the clean clothes or put them away, they just accumulate in giant piles atop every surface in there.

It prevents me from having a table to fold at, an ironing board, and frequently I can't get to the sink, either. I've asked him if he could put away the clean laundry, but he says it's impossible because there is always more dirty laundry generated. I really don't understand his logic there, I didn't ask him to get all the clothes out of the laundry room, just the clean ones. But this was not a battle I choose to fight.

Instead, I've been able to chip away at the backlog over the past few weeks. It is difficult to fold and put away clothes with William strapped to me in a sling, although not impossible. It's really just the folding I can't do with him, he's happy to hang out on my hip while I walk from room to room putting things away.

Today I finished the job while William was napping. He's been napping pretty soundly since he's been sick, so I could walk around the bedroom opening drawers and things without waking him up. All the clean clothes are put away, except for a box of Terry's socks. I just didn't feel like dealing with it, but I'll ask him to do it tonight.

I went ahead and washed a few loads of laundry since I was spending time in that room, so there are some clean clothes drying in there now, but they can't be put away yet so I count myself as caught up.

I am very pleased with myself for finishing this job, especially given my history with laundry. Now I'll be able to work on better organizing the storage cabinets and shelves above the appliances. They have gotten very haphazard since Terry took over laundry. With winter coming on, Terry should be spending less time in the garden, so I might be able to work out something where I resume laundry responsibility if he'll watch William while I do it. I know he'd rather watch the baby than cook, but I don't know if he'd rather watch the baby than do laundry. Although it might not be an issue since William is amusing himself for longer and longer periods, he may be able to sit quietly on the floor of the laundry room with a toy long enough for me to finish the chore.