New Site Design v.1.0

I spent 1.5 hours cleaning the master bathroom this morning--just the part with the toilet and shower. It seems like a long time unless you already know my shower-cleaning routine is to avoid cleaning except when absolutely, positively necessary so it only happens a few times a year. So spending only six hours a year scrubbing the shower seems about right, I just don't break it down into 5 minutes a week or whatever.

When I was done, I rewarded myself by working on my new website design. I want to aggregate all my blogs and photos and stuff to one site. It won't be "Thorsense" but I think it will be better. And yes, I'll post the old archive Thorsense issues again. I'm surprised people still want to look back at those, but I did have tons of photos of everyone in there at the time.

I started with a template that was kind of close to what I wanted, but I barely know how to use style sheets and these had php all in them and I really couldn't figure out how to change things right. I realized I was putting the cart before the horse so abandoned that and set about just trying out a design, forget about all the code. Here's version 1.0:small site

The big photo will be randomized to change with every refresh. I might be able to make the big slogan change, too. That would be fun. I probably won't have quite that many tabs and they certainly won't have those titles; remember I'm not making the site just designing it. This would be the written blog page.

I'm using the website software, Drupal, and it automatically comes with a logon for users. I guess I could use that so people could post and comment. Right now I've got the site running locally and I get my new blog entries using an rss aggregator so I still post as usual to blogger and people can go to the "" site directly and see what they do now, but if they go to the entries will also be there, but all formatted to match each other. I haven't decided if I'm going to do away with separate blogs hosted all over the place or keep them and just add this as a "wrapper".

I was only going to spend one hour working on my site before I got back to cleaning but I guess I actually spent about 1 hr 45 minutes. Not bad, I think I got a lot done. Please comment if you like the design or have any suggestions. The only thing I know for sure I like is having the main part "float" over the background, and having the "tabs" be directly above the content and sort of big because I don't like navigation bars that are just text, it looks too much like ordinary links to me and I associate links with leaving the current site, and I just think the floating thing is cool and looks nice no matter how you've got your browser window sized.