It's Hard Being A Baby Model

We had a photographer come out to the farm today to take some family photos, we have plenty of photos of William, but I can't think of any we have as a family yet.

It was a little chilly, but neither Terry nor I needed a jacket. I had William in a turtleneck onesie under cords and a sweater, and he was warm at first. But we were out getting photographed probably for close to an hour, and towards the end we weren't getting many smiles from our boy since we think his little hands were getting cold and he was getting tired. But he was a little trouper, and put up with us passing him around and posing him without fussing.

We also got some photos of him by himself sitting on a blanket. Hopefully there will be at least one shot suitable for our Christmas card, and one to get enlarged for our wall.

I wanted to get one of the maternity photos my sister took of me to be framed also, but I need to figure out where I'm going to put it. We don't have a tremendous amount of empty wall space, and our "photograph wall" in the hallway is already full. We do have open walls upstairs, so that's probably where they'll go.