Five Sizes Later, Got The Gauge

Over the summer I got yarn and a pattern to knit a sweater for William. The pattern suggests a size 8 needle will give you the proper gauge. But when I knit up a 5" square (to measure 4" square) my gauge was 14 stitches by 18 rows, when it needed to be 18 stitches by 24 rows.

I next decided to try a size 5 needle (already three sizes down), but that square ended up being 15 across by 19 rows. Still too big.

I didn't have smaller needles in my new needle kit, but I did find some size 3 needles, the old-fashioned kind (non-circular). I was losing patience with this project since I've already spent over an hour knitting with nothing to show for it, so I only knit a 5" x 1.5" rectangle.

I extrapolated the gauge from that, and fortunately it was the required 18 stitches across and 24 rows down (or 6 in one inch in my case).

Now I just have to figure out which size to knit for William. I'll measure one of his current sweaters. I read through the pattern, and am not sure about some things, so I'm hopeful it will make more sense once the yarn is on the needles.

But I think I'm going to take a break from this project to knit him a new pair of socks. The socks knit up pretty fast, I can finish a sock in just under two hours, so if I don't have anything else going on I can do a pair in a day. I got lots of compliments on the last pair I knit for him, but now they are too small for his big baby feet. I will knit the next size up. This pair I'll try to get the ribbing at the top right, I forgot to put it on the last pair so they had a rolled edge top.