Part-Time Nanny So I Can Cook Dinner?

Out of the blue, Terry asked me this afternoon what I thought about getting a part-time nanny. I thought this was a little curious, since I thought we had settled into a manageable childcare routine between the two of us.

I asked Terry what times was he thinking about. He said late afternoon was best. He feels most productive in the late afternoon, and would like to work on his music then. He also added that if we had someone watching William from around 3-6pm then we could cook dinner if we wanted to. Aha. Yes, we, of course. Terry wants me to cook dinner, but it turns out that he's not as willing to play with William during this time as he thought he was.

I don't have quite as much requirement for free time as Terry does, because I'm used to being non-productive. In fact, I have years and years of experience. So childcare seems pretty reasonable to me. The only difference being that when I'm flipping through a magazine, I'm interrupted from time-to-time to change a diaper or swap out William's toys or whatever. Terry is not acclimated to spending his days just sitting around doing very little. He finds it difficult to be non-productive for even a few hours. Personally, I think he needs to get used to it.

But I told him I'd think about the nanny. It is somewhat easier and more relaxing to flip through my magazines without having to deal with a needy baby at the same time. If Terry thinks I'm going to spend my nanny time cooking fancy dinners for him, I don't think this plan of his is going to work out as well as he'd hoped. . .

Speaking of cooking fancy dinners, I'd better flip through my cookbooks for ways to cook venison. I've eaten it many times before, but I've never actually prepared it myself. One guy I dated made a roast that was absolutely delicious, I think I remember basically what was in it. I also think I have an entire cookbook that has recipes for every part of animals. I'm not sure if it was intended for hunters, but I think it may do the trick. I wonder if Terry will branch out from deer-hunting to other game. I know how to butcher pigs (we learned in cooking school).