Terry's Gonna Build A Deck Next Week?

This ought to be good. I made plans for a deck way back I don't know when, sometime early spring I guess. Our buddy Steve said he could get us a "deal" on some fake decking. I planned the deck of my dreams (what I want is actually very simple since we already have a beautiful covered porch, I just need somewhere convenient to grill) and ordered 300' of boards. But despite repeated inquiries to Steve about when the fake wood would show up, it hasn't materialized, so I haven't given the deck much more thought.

Tonight, Terry and I were talking about what the next construction project would be. We both agree that we need to get that pond dug and dam built, but we should just get the supports and deck for the future gazebo to be cantilevered over the water installed, and not bother with that whole building right now.

Terry says the next building we'll get will be a barn/garage, and NOT the entertainment bunker I envision. Then somehow he brought up the subject of the deck, and said he'd build it "if only" he could get a break from watching William. Really? I asked him when exactly he planned on building our deck, since I would be delighted to take William those days. And Terry said, "next week."

I am skeptical about this, but he did pull out his "how to build a deck" book tonight and decided to use cedar. And he does have a post-hole digger that will make quick work of the holes needed for the concrete supports. So if he would actually build the deck next week, I'd be delighted. He'll still watch William during his nap from 9-11 am so I can trade, I just have to take William before and after that, like usual.

With a deck in place, we can reclaim some space in the garage and mudroom currently devoted to the grill and grilling tools. More importantly, the grill will be conveniently located so we could actually USE it.

I also incorporated a new litterbox solution into the plans. Currently, we have the litterboxes out on the porch, and the cats come in and out through a door in the kitchen window. Which keeps the litter smell out of the house, but is a definite problem when we want to eat out on the porch in the summer. My new solution involves having the cats continue to use their window-door, but instead of going right to the boxes on the porch, there will be a hole cut in the porch floor with a ramp leading down underneath the far end of the new deck. The litterboxes will be kept under the deck near the very far end away from the house. So the smell will stay far away from our porch dining table, and the boxes will be much closer to where we ultimately dispose of the waste, in the cat poop alley near the swale behind the house.

Check here for updates. It would be swell if I had a deck by the end of next week. I'll let you know what excuse Terry comes up with if it doesn't materialize. I'm guessing it will be something along the lines of 1) It's too cold and/or rainy out, 2) I couldn't get the supplies out-of-season, or 3) There will be some gardening emergency that takes precedence.