Finished Medium-Sized Socks

I finished knitting a pair of socks for William in the medium pattern size. They're intended for 6-12 mos babies, but I don't know that William's feet will stay this size for that long. I made fewer mistakes knitting these, and did a better job with the color changes, weaving in the ends rather than just tying knots like I did with the first pair I knit. I might try my hand at altering the pattern to make striped baby socks. At the very least, I'll try to swing by the yarn shop and get another color or two.

Hmmm. Upon closer inspection, it looks like I came up with another way to knit without actually knitting. Those little ribs over the whole thing shouldn't be there, I guess I didn't really make a stockinette stitch. Man, I thought I had it down, since I'm not knitting the same way I was when Morag corrected me. Instead, I've come up with a NEW way to do it wrong. Good grief. I'm going to have to watch a knitting instruction video or something before I start the next pair. I'm glad I noticed this before I started to knit my sweater. Now I wonder if the problems with my gauge are due to the fact that I'm not actually knitting. . . Looks like yet another gauge swatch is in order >:-(