Superhuman Burst of Productivity

I am very pleased with myself today. Between 7:30am and 9:00am this morning I made the bed, picked up W's toys from the bedroom floor, sorted all the laundry and started one load in the washer. Fixed breakfast for W and fed him, then made oatmeal for Terry and myself, and hand-washed some dishes from yesterday.

Then I was very productive during my 2 hours of trading time, I didn't play any video games, I really did focus on stocks and industry articles. My patterns are perilously close to defaulting today so I'm not happy about it, but the stops are in place so it will be what it will be.

Once I took William back at 11am, I folded half the load of laundry I started in the morning, and then started the hand washing. There was a small pile of sweaters accumulating that I didn't want to throw in the washing machine because they needed stains treated and/or I really didn't want to risk pilling. So I washed them in my handy-dandy laundry room utility sink while William played at my feet. I'm having trouble with some of the stains, so I let some of them soak while I went downstairs to cook lunch at noon.

I made chinese chicken & vegetable dumplings for us all, and minced one for William. He liked it so much he wound up eating two whole dumplings. I was surprised since with the soy sauce they were pretty salty, but I just gave him lots of additional water to drink, and he seemed very content. Since I'm trying to feed William mostly table food (I mince it for him, either by hand or the food processor or blender) I'll make a note to keep an eye out for low-sodium versions of the frozen foods we use.

Let's see, after lunch I rinsed and reshaped all the clean sweaters, put another load in the washer, and moved the diapers Terry started to the drier. Then put William down for his nap at 1pm.

You may be thinking, hmm, the woman got up, made breakfast, did some laundry, and made lunch while watching a baby. Hardly superhuman productivity.

But it seems amazing to me. Intellectually I know this is no more than the average housewife routinely does every day without thinking about it. But for someone with ADD, this is more than I usually get done in 3-4 days. And I did it all by 1pm! Why has my productivity all of a sudden soared? I remembered to take my meds at the right time!!!!

Hooray for ADD meds! I finally filled my pillbox up (it's got lots of little boxes so I can separate morning pills, afternoon pills, etc.) and remembered to take everything on time so far today. It really is striking what a difference they make. Also, William slept through the night so we both woke up refreshed instead of tired, which helps a lot.

It's not like the Ritalin gives me crazy energy, like on Desperate Housewives when one of the women took her son's meds and stayed up all night sewing costumes and cleaning the kitchen cupboards with a toothbrush. It does seem reasonable that that is what would happen to people who start out being normally productive.

What it does for me is gives me some motivation, and allow me to focus enough to make progress on the tasks I start. So instead of going from normal to hyper mode, I go from sitting around playing videogames in my pajamas for several hours to getting up and going about the day like a normal person. Man, it's days like today that I realize how much easier life would be if I was normal. Nevertheless, since as of yet there is no cure for what I've got, I am going to try my best to keep up with the proper timing of all my doses so I can at least be a medically-adjusted approximation of normal more consistently than I have been, with a goal of getting a lot of the clutter that's accumulated in the past several months cleared away by year-end.