What A Difference A Few Pills Make

William hasn't been napping well the past two days, so I'm laying off the ADD meds to see if there is a change today. If he sleeps for full naps today, I'll have to suspect that the meds are coming through my breastmilk in quantities enough to affect the boy. And I'm not entirely comfortable with that, if that's the case. However, it could just be coincidence. I haven't had a pill since 1pm yesterday, so I'm sure it's all out of my system (the effects generally last 3-4 hours), but he didn't fall asleep until 9:45am this morning. Yesterday, he fell asleep around 9:15 (closer to his "official" naptime of 9am) but woke up at 10am and never fell back asleep, and his afternoon nap was also less than an hour. They should be two hours each. When his naps are too short, he's overtired by bedtime and it's very difficult to get him to sleep, there is a lot of screaming involved.

But this post is not about William's sleeping habits, it's about the effects of my ADDs meds on ME. Yesterday was just as productive as the day before. I did a LOT of handwashing, am completely caught up with the laundry, even obscure things like cocktail napkins (and I ironed them!!). And I continued reclamation of the laundry room from Terry, putting everything neatly on my shelf so it doesn't rattle all over the top of the washer like he left it, and storing extra supplies in drawers rather than leaving them out. They're still easily accessible, but now they won't get dusty. I also made good progress going through the boxes of clothes in the bedroom, sorting them into out-of-season large and various seasons of too-small clothes. I'm down 8 lbs since I realized that I didn't need to eat every time I was hungry just because I was nursing. If I continue losing weight at this rate (5-8 lbs/month) that seems healthy and reasonable since I'm not starving or anything, just not feeding every hunger pang, no chocolate biscotti with my morning coffee, etc. My point is I'm not ready to get rid of the too-small clothes yet. I have 30 lbs to go now, and that is 5 mos at 6 lbs/mo so I could conceivably be back in my fashionable wardrobe by spring. If I was still living in NYC, I'd totally have gotten rid of the out-of-size stuff by now since it wouldn't be in style so many seasons later. But this is Charlottesville, and nothing is every really in or out of style here, so it certainly saves money on buying new clothes.

OH! I almost forgot the point of my post again. Although it kind of proves my point-- that without the meds I can't focus. I've been sitting here at the computer for an hour, and have only updated two or three charts, and read one investing article. But I read several Wired articles, a Salon article, and my friends' facebook updates. I did place an order for SPY.

I am done trying to catch falling knives, going short at every short-term peak. I will go with the trend even if I KNOW it is waning. I interpreted this as meaning it's time to prepare for the imminent reversal, and traded accordingly, without consistent success. I got stopped out more times than I harvested gains. The market has been waning since September. But the fact is, despite the lack of momentum, the main trend is still up. I will stop trying to predict the exact moment of reversal.

Now that I have several more months experience (as novice as I am, months do make a big difference), I am changing tactics. I will now look at the signs of weakness in the market as an indicator only, not as a predictive tool. I will go long (although I'm still short the Russell 2000, that index really looks weak to me) but be very vigilant. The market's upswing is waning, and there is more risk for less upside potential with each long position. But I am a trader, and I need to learn to accept more risk.

Actually, I think I need to better identify risk. I may have been taking on more risk by anticipating the reversal of the trend than by following a weak trend. So I may need to learn to accept LESS risk. The problem is that I don't really know. I'm learning on the job.

Hopefully I'll be able to focus enough today at least to update my trading journal, if not my charts. I opened the file, so that's a start.