Gonna Be A Ballerina

There is now an organization nearby named "Old Crozet School Arts", aptly named since it organizes art classes in the old Crozet school. I hadn't paid much attention to it until I saw an ad for its open house yesterday. But the open house was canceled due to weather so hopefully they'll just let me register on the first day of classes, which is tomorrow.

They have a Teen/Adult Beginner/Intermediate Ballet class on Monday nights, and I'm going to sign up. I have ballet shoes from when I took the ballet workout classes at New York Sports Club years ago when we lived in the city. The ballet classes were my favorite, I went every time they were scheduled at my location. I guess technically I don't have ballet experience (except my mother said I seemed to like it when I was 3, but I don't remember that) since it was a ballet-themed workout, but whatever. The class description says it's fine to be a beginner.

They do have a dress code, which I find a little intimidating:

• Solid-color leotard, any color, any style (no lace or ruffles, please)
• Light pink footed or black footless ballet tights (black tights should be worn over the leotard)
• Jazz pants or sweatpants with a snug-fitting stretchy top that is suitable for movement
• Snug-fitting knit warm-ups and/or ballet skirts may also be worn

Tights and a leotard?!?! I'm really not into that. I'll look ridiculous enough teetering around out there, it'd be especially silly if I wore a leotard since I guarantee I'd look like a big egg with arms and legs. I have a very Humpty-Dumpty sort of shape at present.

I don't even know what "jazz pants" or "footless ballet tights" are. I have some black spandex leggings made by Danskin, I wonder if those count? I have some yoga pants that are moderately flattering, so I'm going to assume they'll count under the "sweatpants" category. The snug-fitting stretchy top won't be a problem, I've got tons of those to choose from. I'll also have to look up what they mean by "knit warm-ups" (does that include velour jogging suits?) and "ballet skirts" because I presume they don't mean tutus, even though I'd think that was terribly fun.

I'll put together my best approximation of their required outfit and show up at the first class, and hopefully they'll let me register on the spot. I really can't imagine an adult beginner ballet class in Crozet is going to be full, but we'll see.