Ballet Clothing Terms Revealed

Thanks to the internet, my search for the meaning in ballet clothes was fast. Here's what I discovered:

Jazz pants look to me a lot like the snug-fitting style of yoga pants. I've got several pair that ought to do.

It appears that my Danskin leggings would go in the category of knit warm-up wear. I've actually got several pairs I can wear, this is what I wore to my classes in NY.

While there are many styles of leotards available, it doesn't appear that any come with the thick elastic-reinforced girdle panels that I like in my swimsuits, so I'm ruling those out.

The ballet skirts seem generally quite sheer and flimsy and are designed to be worn in combination with tights and leotards (instead of on their own with a top, like normal skirts), so I won't need any of them. Ditto the tights.