I Am Impatient To Dance!

The dance class doesn't start until 6pm, so I still have 45 minutes to wait. It only takes me 10 minutes to get to Crozet, and even if I want to get there a little early to deal with registration I can't really leave before 5:40 or so. Grrr.

I've got my black "knit warm-up pants" on, a dance cami, and a very lightweight sweater shrug (which I'll probably not need rather soon, if I recall correctly although the ballet warm-ups don't look like they're strenuous, I nevertheless seem get warmed up very quickly). My ballet shoes still fit--I was a little worried since not every pair of shoes is comfortable since I had a baby, my feet might have widened slightly, either that or I have fat in my feet that is making them too big for some shoes.

After dancing around a bit for Terry, I decided I ought to add a sports bra to the mix. The built-in one in the dance top used to be fine for me, but since I'm nursing I definitely need a bit more support. I don't have any nursing sports-bras, so I'm squeezed into the largest one I have, which is still two cup sizes too small, but at least the band size is ok. I'm certainly not going to bounce, and I kind of like that I look thinner when my chest appears smaller. At least from the waist up. . .nevermind that now my belly extends further in front than my breasts, I'm going to ignore that part.

If I have a good time and think I'll continue the classes in the next session, I may splurge and get myself some official ballet clothes. I wonder if they have a recital at the end of the year? How hilarious would that be if I were in a ballet recital?? If there is one, I won't mention it to Terry until the week before, otherwise I'd never hear the end of Fantasia jokes.

Twenty more minutes until I can leave the house. This really must be an indication of how badly I'm looking for an excuse to get out and do something fun. Not that it's been bad hanging out with William lately, he's adorable and reasonably good-natured before 7pm. But I can't recall the last time time I did something fun outside of the house other than going to parties (or similar social events, like Bunko). Wine festivals have been out of the picture for quite some time now. I have been knitting for fun, but it's been at home since I'm unaware of a knitting group here in Crozet, and it's not worth an hour of driving to me to make a special trip into town to attend one. But I think I did see something about knitting in this Crozet Arts organization's class sheet. So I'll check the bulletin board tonight, maybe there is a local group I just don't know about. If there's not, I could probably talk to my neighbor Beth, she's an avid knitter and might be part of a group I could join.

Ten minutes until I can leave. Good. I'll shut down here and fill a thermos of water (if I read the class notes correctly, there are no water fountains in the building so we must provide for ourselves). Hmm, do I have a cute ballet-esque gym bag I could put my water and slippers in? It wouldn't have to be large. Maybe I'll use my silk Chinese bag, I haven't used that much since I left New York. . .