I have a PS3, and I have Netflix. I was psyched when I hear that they struck up a partnership so I could watch Netflix streaming from my PS3. This was appealing to me since I wouldn't have to wait for the DVD in the mail for what I wanted to watch.

The reality was much worse. The first time I tried it, Cate was here and we'd had a few drinks already, and we watched Man On A Wire. It seemed to take a long time to buffer, and what was worst, it wouldn't buffer it all at the beginning. It would play, then stop, then play, then stop. Here is where the drinks came in handy. The pauses gave us time to to mix some more cocktails. Nevertheless, it was extraordinarily distracting.

The next time I tried the service, I was alone, so I timed it. It turned out that the buffering was so bad, it wasn't even streaming video. The video would "buffer" for 7 minutes, then it would play for 7 minutes. Then it would stop, and buffer for 7 minutes. Then stream for 7 minutes. I wasn't exactly 7 minutes every time. Sometimes it was six and change, sometimes it was up to 8 or 9 minutes. But it was a really, really, unsatisfying way to watch a movie.

"Buffering" implies that the movie will download a portion, then continue downloading in the background while the first part plays. This is not what happens. It seems like the movie downloads a portion into the PS3 temporary memory, then plays it, then downloads the next portion, then plays it, until it's done.

It's terrible. Terry blames it on our "slow" internet connection, but I don't have problems with other streaming video. Sure, it takes a loooong time to buffer, but then whatever I want to see continues without interruption.

So I won't be using the PS3/Netflix thing until I hear that this is worked out. I'd rather wait for the DVD in the mail than spend 3 hours watching a 1.5 hour movie.