Baby Book Failure

Ugh. I've not opened William's baby book for a long time now, knowing I'll wince when I see all the things I probably should have been keeping track of and writing down. I took a look at it again tonight, and my suspicions were right.

The only month with the page filled out is the 5th month, it must have been the month I actually got the book and started to fill it out. I have most of the "history" pages filled out-- bits about our families, pregnancy, etc. But I never got around to filling in months 1-4, and I've also forgotten much of 6 and 7 by now. I guess I'll have to go through my blog here and extrapolate.

There are a few pages I don't think there's anything I can do with. We never got his hand or footprints at birth. I never got around to sending an announcement in to the paper, and he wasn't mentioned as a matter of routine since he wasn't born at a hospital. I guess I could try getting his hand and footprints now. Not quite as dainty as when he was newborn, but what can I do?

I'll set a goal for myself to at least fill out the 9th month (which he just started) and keep up going forward. I'll aim to get the earlier stuff filled in as best I can before his first birthday. Probably a realistic timeline.

When I got the book, I knew even then there was a fair chance it wouldn't get completed. But I suppose I'm an optimist, I figured at least I could try.