My First Pulled Back Muscle

This morning I reached over to pick something off the nightstand, and all of a sudden I had a shooting pain through one side of my lower back. I didn't want to pick William up until I figured out what was wrong with me, so his yelling woke Terry up. I described the pain to him-- if I stood still in a certain position it didn't hurt unless I took a deep breath. If I moved it hurt. The whole hurting-when-I-took-a-deep-breath thing worried me. Had I ruined a lung somehow?

He rolled his eyes and told me I pulled a muscle in my back. This never happened to me before! He is always surprised when I'm completely taken off-guard by a supposedly common physical complaint (I was in my 30s before I experienced heartburn, and that freaked me out the first time, too). While most the brain and hormone chemicals in my body are completely out-of-whack, the rest of me has been seemingly very robust.

Once I knew I pulled a muscle, I figured it was no big deal and I should just go about my day and get over it. But Terry wouldn't let me do that, he said I needed to rest. So I've got an ice pack on my back, and I'm stretched out on the sofa. I pulled my fancy laptop stand out of the corner so I wouldn't have to lean over at all. I can do my stocks without straining my back, so I'll start on my charts early today since Terry had to take over with William. Hopefully my back will be better by the time William wakes up from his nap sometime after 10am, but I don't know how these things go. Perhaps I will be immobilized for longer.