Caging Fenway

After Fenway's tenure in tree, I want to keep a closer eye on him. We let him out this afternoon, and he hung outside with William and me for just a few minutes before disappearing. But this time, rather than leave him to his cat business for days at a time, I called him in before dark.

It took quite a bit of calling, several trips around the house on several different occasions, before Fenway turned up. But I did get him into the house, and fed him. I kept him separated from the other cats since although I was sure to lock up Rambo, even Merlin was ready to mix it up with Fenway as soon as he saw him. And Fenway was about ready to make his first act in the house a #2 under the dining table, but I distracted him with food. Then got his cage ready.

Until Fenway gets comfortable using his cat house, I might bring him in at night and cage him. The cat house Terry built is designed to offer protection from dogs, so if Fenway were to use it, he wouldn't have to run up trees. But Fenway is not keen on the house right now, so this could take time.

Terry hit upon an idea to put a cat door in the garage, and let Fenway live in the garage and go outside as he pleased, but at least he'd be fairly warm and sheltered whenever he wanted. I'm not sure about that. Since we now use the garage regularly, I'm afraid Fenway would do that cat thing where they get near the warm car motor, and we might start the car when he's near there and injure him. I have a friend whose cat lost a leg that way. I'll think on it and see if we can work with that idea or not. I think caging him at night, at least for now, is safer.