It Won't Be A Year In One Minute

Hopefully people won't have as short an attention span as I do. I wanted to make a short summary video of our year in review. I wanted it to be about 1 minute, so it wouldn't be dull. But I started putting it together, and I'm at 30 seconds already, and we're only up to William's first bath.

A minute per month (starting in April, I didn't make any videos until William was born) would be about nine minutes. That seems long to me. I've revised my goal to be a year review in five minutes instead of one.

But I have a feeling I'll come out with a first draft of the film that's way over time, and I'll have to do some focus group testing (or is it focus person testing if I just get Terry to look at it?) to identify the highlights and cut it down to just that. Maybe I'll have a "grandparent's cut" that includes everything, they seem to have endless patience watching baby videos.