Tree Trimmed, Snickerdoodles Baked

I only did two loads of laundry today, since William was a nuisance to deal with. Terry was out trying to clear the driveway with the tractor from about 10:30am through 4pm. Judging by how long it took him, he must not be very good at it. I usually do the road work on the tractor, but he got out there and did it today. Of course, with all those hours he used up all our diesel fuel, so we're out of luck if we actually need our driveway cleared, since there's no fuel left in the tractor for me to do the job.

William only slept 30 minutes instead of 2 hours for his afternoon nap. So not only did I not have much free time, he was crabby and high-maintenance all afternoon. I got sick of not making any progress (and I didn't think Terry would be out more than two hours and he was out for over 5 hours) so I let William scream a bit and made snickerdoodles. They are delicious.

I also dug some boxes of Christmas decorations out of the far corner of the garage. I was dismayed to see one box had over an inch of water in the bottom-- perhaps that's why one strand of Christmas lights I pulled out didn't work at all. The stuff on the top of the box wasn't wet at all, so I have no idea what happened. But that box had ALL the Christmas lights in it, and there was only one bunch that was completely dry, so that one strand went on the tree. That'll have to do. I guess I'll test the others after they dry out, but I don't have my hopes up.

The juniper is holding up the lights and ornaments better than I expected. I'm pretty happy with the tree. I'll post photos another time. I'm irritated with Terry for wasting time all day instead of helping me, so I'm going to take a break tonight and watch a movie.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to get out to go to Mass tomorrow. Most other church's services are canceled, but my church almost always carries on as usual since all the priests live a couple houses away. The masses are only routinely canceled for home football games since the road the church is on is closed for that.

I don't know when I'll be able to get out again. Terry said he cleared a path on our own road, but Jones Mill Road (the county's responsibility) wasn't plowed as of 3pm this afternoon. They usually don't get to that road for a couple days after a storm. I've got to imagine they'll have it cleared by Christmas eve, but I'm not holding my breath for it to be done by Monday. It's the 4 miles from my house to Rt 250 that is the problem, I'm sure they'll have 250 clear as soon as it stops snowing. The weather report doesn't give me hope that it'll melt, either.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go out and build a snowman. That'll cheer me up. I took William out today, but he wasn't keen on playing in the snow. I don't blame him, it must be pretty dull if all you can do is sit there. I was hopeful he'd be happy just looking around (he is most days that we go outside), but he was emphatically NOT happy looking around in the cold and snow. So we came back inside. Check out the latest slideshow in the Gallery section, I got a couple photos during the four minutes we were outside. . .