Worst Storm or Just Worst Roads?

I just checked the Virginia DOT site for current road conditions, (, and see that Albemarle county is pretty much the only part of the state where most road are classified as "Severe: Significant amount of snow or ice partially blocking the roadway; conditions are hazardous."

Did we get the most snow of anywhere in the state, or do we just have the most incompetent snow removal services? I thought most parts of the state had the "just wait for it to melt" mentality, but it looks like it's just us. So much for my suspicion that Rt. 250 would be clear and we only have to worry about roads until we get to the highway. Judging from the VDOT map, there are NO clear roads within 20 miles of my home.

Except for the road leading to Wintergreen ski resort. There they know how to keep the roads clear. They probably have GREAT conditions now since this snow is huge and most importantly, DRY. The sun is shining, what a great day it would be for snowboarding! But our driveway is still completely impassable except by tractor, so maybe I'll get a chance to go up there later this week. As soon as 250W is cleared, I bet Wintergreen will be mobbed.