I Knew I Was Off-Course When. . .

. . .I realized I was picking teams for the NCAA tournament. I woke up this morning determined to NOT play any video games. I got a shower and made a plan to turn on the computer, read my emails and two technical trading articles I had flagged, then get dressed and eat breakfast.

My stomach growling and a tournament bracket on my screen I think back to how I got so far off-track; it started with a trading alert email. I had just updated my trading alerts last night (I do this every month or so) and already got an alert that GLD was down to one of my watch levels. Actually, it's down more now, I just opened a trading screen since I might sell the long-term shares. Anyway, I logged into my trading programs to monitor that, then also checked the charts for my other positions since the market is all volatile again today. And while I was reading this morning's commentary on Minyanville, I came across the Minyanville pool for the tournament and so clicked through and was merrily filling out my brackets when I realized I had gotten distracted. And GLD is down about $3 / share from when I first noticed. . .

Now I've got a trading decision to make on an empty stomach. Grrr.