Possibly Impetigo

Over the course of the day, the swelling on my eyelids became worse, so I decided to look up my symptoms to see if it could be something other than a poison plant.

Turns out it could be impetigo. Especially since William might have it. William has had little red pimples around his nose and mouth for a while now. I thought it was because we weren't washing him well enough after he ate, so Terry and I have been particularly conscientious about it, washing his hands and face well and always with soap, changing him out of dirty clothes after he eats. And sure enough, his rash is nearly gone. But I was probably wrong about it being caused by acids in food, it was more likely the staph bacteria that causes impetigo. Regardless, treatment consists of, you guessed it, cleansing the area thoroughly and keeping it clean.

Adults usually don't get it, and when they do, it's usually because they caught it from a kid. Even if they get the bacteria on them, it usually doesn't cause problems in adults unless they are immuno-compromised. So this is what I think happened:

I got some minor cuts and scratches on my hands, arms, and face when I rescued Fenway. Some of the cuts on my arms & hands probably were exacerbated by contact with a poison plant (they itch). So when William touched me with his own bacteria on his hands, it infected one of my cuts since my skin was already weakened by the poison plant. And from there, since I didn't suspect I had a bacterial infection and didn't bother isolating my cuts, it spread. But now I know (or at least suspect), so I'm treating it.

I've washed all over with antibacterial soap, but bacitracin on all my cuts, and bandaids over most of them. I am covered with bandaids. But the websites say impetigo is easily treated if you stop spreading it around yourself, so hopefully it'll be gone in a day or two. If not, I go to the doctor.