Local Cards Done, But Will Mailman Arrive?

I went ahead and finished addressing all the local Christmas cards I'm sending out, but will the mail come tomorrow?

I was going to send the cards out Saturday, but with all the snow we got Friday I knew there was no point rushing to address them Friday night.

I wound up going out to take over the plowing from Terry after he was out there THREE hours today. You'd think with him out there over eight hours in two days he'd have plowed all the way to Crozet and back. In fact, he didn't even plow well enough that I could push the stroller on a clear path, let alone get a car down the road. I traded him the stroller for the tractor, and in one hour I managed to widen the plowed part of the road big enough to get a car through (actually, he seemed to clear our road passably well, it was mostly our driveway that was a disaster), plow one of our neighbor's driveways, and clear our own.

Of course, the time spent is apples and oranges. I'm sure it took a long time to clear the 2' of snow from the road. I just doubt that Terry did it at all efficiently. And I'm not sure what he was focused on, since he hadn't really cleared it in a way to make it easy for cars to drive on it. I made a clean lane, free of lumps. Cars can't drive over lumps of snow, they'll get stuck. It will re-freeze tonight, and the ice could make the road impassable anyway. I may go out there and make another pass tomorrow, the better to ascertain if we can get the car out so I can go to the doctor.

If the road's impassable, we won't get the mail. If Jones Mill is impassible (very high probability), we won't get the mail. I'll have to check the weather-- hopefully it will warm up enough to melt the shallow snow on the road.