Poison Ivy & Infection

There was still swelling all around my eyes this morning, so I decided to go to the doctor. Terry tried to get the car out and wound up slamming it into a snow bank when he backed down the driveway after attempting to make the hill. Fortunately, our neighbor has a 4-wheel-drive Suburban and was able to take me.

It's just as well we didn't get the sedan out of the driveway, the roads into town were awful, it's likely we would've gotten stuck somewhere on the way.

The doctor didn't know exactly what was making the red lump circle on my forehead or the swelling around my eyes, but she suspected it was poison-ivy related. But since it doesn't itch, she wasn't going to rule out that I have some sort of infection on top of the poison-ivy. So after a trip to the pharmacy I've got antibiotics, anti-itch cream, and prednisone pills.

I think the antibiotics are starting to work, the swelling on my forehead is going down a little, although it's still around my eyes about the same. I'm under orders to only take the prednisone if the swelling gets worse. But hopefully the antibiotics will do the job. Ordinarily I think the doctor would have waited to give me the pred scrip until after we'd given the antibiotics some time to work, but she just told me to get it filled now so I wouldn't have to go back out in the snow later.

I don't like looking so frightful, but I guess I'm getting used to the situation. I don't feel great, while the itching isn't bad since it's just on my arm, and mild at that, the swelling is a bother. First of all, I can see the swelling around my eyes since there is a lump of skin where I usually don't see skin, and I can kind of feel the swelling, too, a little bit of pressure, or stretching feeling.

Terry is out trying to get the car out. Actually, I don't know that his goal is to actually get the car back to the house, it's not a problem parked at the bottom of the hill. But we did agree that he should at least clear away the snow that is actually touching the car so the car would not be completely encased in ice come morning. He's got the tractor out there now, but I'm not watching him too closely, I don't want to know what he's up to.

We have a scratch on the car that we need to have smoothed and painted already, I suspect if Terry doesn't execute this current task as elegantly as he would like, getting that scratch fixed will magically move to the top of his priority list, and he'll take care of it before I witness whatever else he's done to the car in an effort to get it up the driveway. That's fine with me.