Feeling Much Better Today

The antibiotics have really started to kick in-- where there was once a red lump on my forehead the size of a coaster, there is a barely-noticeable red spot that is not swollen. I've been applying the anti-itch cream to the poison ivy and any other cuts/scratches that itch. This not only makes me more comfortable, but also keeps me from spreading any bacteria from scratching. Because I'm not scratching anymore, I took off all the bandaids since I mostly had them on to keep myself from touching the cuts. The swelling around my eyes has gone down considerably, I'm hopeful it will be gone by afternoon (the doctor warned me it would be worst in the morning and to wait until my fluids have moved around for a few hours before judging).

We left the car in the driveway last night. Terry was out there yesterday afternoon, and determined that he hydroplaned into an impossible spot. The car has front-wheel drive, and the driver's front tire is in a muddy patch, the passenger's front tire is on a 2" thick slab of ice, the back of the car is backed into a 2' snowdrift. So the only possible way to get the car out is to pull it from the front. He said he could get the tractor around the car to the front, so we'll try to get the car out today.

One of us will have to clear the 10 yards of packed snow/ice on the driveway that didn't melt because it was in the shade. That is where Terry got stuck going up the hill in the first place. Then we can try getting the car out. Not that we'll go anywhere today, but there are a few things I'd like to go out and get tomorrow. I hope an extra day (today) will allow the roads to get clearer than they were yesterday. The temperature is only supposed to be in the mid-30s, but at least that should allow the snow in the roads to melt a little bit, especially roads with traffic.