William's First Fever

William is fine now, but he had his first fever last night. He didn't nap well during the day, but we were out Christmas shopping so that wasn't unusual. Terry was minding him while I shopped, so I wasn't clued-in enough to notice if anything was particularly wrong yesterday.

It's not unusual that he fusses a lot with Terry. When I take William out by myself, we have a lot of downtime between errands, I'll take him for a walk down the street between shops, we'll usually have a leisurely lunch somewhere. What I used to be able to do in 1.5 hours now takes about three, but that's ok. I'm better now at prioritizing so I do the most important things first, since inevitably at some point I determine it's more important to get the boy home to rest than to buy more stuff. If I come home with just milk, bread, and eggs instead of a full grocery bag then that's fine, we'll just be having a lot of breakfast foods throughout the day. We all love pancakes and french toast. ..

Terry, on the other hand, has a different view. He wants to rush through the errands and get home as soon as possible. So William never gets much of a chance to take little breaks and just "hang out" between errands when Terry is with us. And so, he's fussy. But if we don't do it Terry's way, then Terry gets fussy. And since Terry is the one to deal with William while I shop, I just let him reap what he sows. And Terry wonders how I possibly manage to run errands when I have William alone, and I just shrug and tell him it's not that hard. For me it's really physically tiring, lugging that giant baby all over town, but we have an alright time. I just have to lie down when I get home and prefer to let Terry unload the car while I take a little nap with William.

So last night William seemed to be sleeping fairly well, went to bed before 7:30pm, not unusual since he didn't nap much. We started watching the next episode of Heroes around 9:30pm after I wrapped all the presents. But William kept waking up and fussing, every 15 minutes or so. I thought it was strange that he was so warm when we keep the room rather cool at night, so I took his temperature. It was 100.4! So we abandoned the last five minutes of our show and looked in the baby books to see what to do.

Other than being particularly fussy and gassy, William wasn't acting "sick". He certainly wasn't listless, his appetite was fine all day, and he didn't have either a cough or runny nose. So the fever was a bit of a mystery to us. We took him out of his warm sleeper and put him in a light nightgown. He was able to fall asleep, so we didn't give him meds. Once we had him in bed with us, he slept pretty solidly through the night.

I took his temperature when he woke up this morning, and it was back to normal. We did note that the baby book said that over-wrapping babies was a common cause of "false" fevers. And we did have him in a warm sleeper, swaddled, and under a blanket. So we may have caused him to overheat ourselves rather than it being a fever from a virus.

But since he seems fine today, we'll continue on to Grandma's for Christmas this afternoon, as planned. I'll just keep an eye on him, and will try to keep him away from his cousins, who seem to be perpetually sick.