Toddler Mattress On The Way

William has pretty much outgrown his cradle. He can still sleep in it, if he lies on his back or side. But he's been rolling onto his stomach lately, and he can't do that in the cradle, so instead he wakes up and yells until we move him to the bed. Uncool.

So I ordered an organic crib mattress and some sheets for him today. I already have a wool mattress pad I can use under the sheets. At this point it is mostly for comfort, since he hasn't wet through to the mattress overnight since he was a little baby. He's getting to the point where he doesn't always wet himself at all overnight since his diaper will still be dry when I take him for his morning potty.

We never got a crib, and so we'll go straight to a toddler bed for him. But I've been looking at what's available in stores, and haven't found anything appropriate. Most are geared toward kids who are walking already, which isn't our situation. So I'll make up some plans for Terry to build one to my specs. It will be low to the floor so William can crawl into and out of it when he gets to that point. And it will have somewhat more comprehensive roll-bars than many commercial toddler-beds have. It will certainly look better, and will probably be safer. Ours will have no bars and no moving parts. Very sturdy. And we'll make it from some nice hardwood and use some non-toxic stain on it.

Until the bed is built (and it could be a while, folks), I suppose we'll just put the mattress on the floor of our bedroom, and see how William adapts to that. Then we'll move the cradle to the nursery, and use it as a toy box. But the mattress won't arrive to the latter half of January, so we've got some time to work it all out. I'll try to have the plans for the bed done before then, so there is at least a chance of Terry building it soon.