William And The Sled (Video)

My parents gave William a sled for Christmas, and since there was still snow on the ground here when we got home, I thought I'd take him out on it.

He liked sledding about as much as he liked playing directly in the snow, which was not much. I pulled him around the front yard both slow and fast to see how he liked it. He was somewhat interested in what was going on when I pulled him slowly, but he lost patience with the activity pretty quickly.

We're not sure what he dislikes. Maybe it's the cold, maybe it's the sun in his eyes, maybe it's being enclosed in plastic. Hopefully, snow will be like sauerkraut for him; he didn't care for it the first several times Terry fed it to him, but eventually he came around, and now likes sauerkraut. So maybe if I keep bringing him out to play in the snow, he will eventually like it.

Here's a short video (just over a minute) of William's first sled ride: