The Day You've All Been Waiting For

You may have been wondering, where's the daytime TV? Where are the bon-bons? Well, here you go.

I finished correcting the 2006 Federal return last night, but had not yet started on the 1040X form when Terry called. He was giving me grief about it so I called it quits for the night and decided to play some Super Paper Mario. I got another "pure heart" but was caught up and wound up playing about three hours. I was too lazy to go upstairs so I slept on the sofa. I didn't feel like doing much this morning, so after breakfast I fired up Mario again and played through lunchtime.

I tried a new "6 o'clock Scramble" recipe for homemade fish sticks. They tasted fine, but they didn't really look like the fish sticks for which they were meant to be a healthy alternative. That made me feel disgruntled since the recipe said they'd be as good as frozen fish sticks but without all the additives. And they actually tasted better, but that's only half the point. I like the weirdness of fish in stick form. Plus the crispy. If I'd wanted to make breaded pan-fried fish I would've used a slightly better technique, I was hoping for actual fish sticks and so followed the recipe. I was duped. And so decided to play more of the video game until I felt better.

Um, by the time I noticed it was after 4pm, I decided to just commit the day to Super Paper Mario. I took a break for dinner (leftover "fish sticks") but otherwise didn't get off the sofa until bedtime rolled around again. I got all the "pure hearts" except the last one. I was trying to just finish the game and be done with it, but I continually thought I didn't need to go back to Flipside to get a bunch of extra heart food since there was a refill fountain at the beginning of the level. I was continually wrong.

When I started getting hungry again, I couldn't be bothered to reheat the steak fajitas I'd prepared yesterday (or was it the day before?), so I just dug into the candy bowl and started eating Reese's peanut butter cups and Kit-Kats. Terry called around 10:30pm to let me know he'd arrived in Salt Lake City. I considered playing through the call, but couldn't concentrate so I turned the TV off so I wouldn't be distracted but I kept the Wii on so I could pick up right where I left off after the call. Terry was off the phone within thirty minutes since he called me after he ordered room service dinner and then it arrived and he wanted to eat it. Fine with me, back to the game. When my eyes started getting tired I decided to call it a night even though the game wasn't over-over. Just in time to watch a little David Letterman. So I watched that, had a beer, ate more candy. Watched Conan's monologue--I liked the "instant audience upgrade" although if I got the upgrade I would've asked the page for free drinks. Decided to go to bed before the first guest (Ice-T) came on.

Tomorrow I haven't decided if I will finish off the game or do something more productive. I could continue my impersonation of Shaun-of-the-Dead's deadbeat roommate, or I could actually act like a responsible adult. I do have to leave the house to get more cat food. And if I want to go to New York next week, I really need to at a minimum clean the kitchen, fridge, and do the laundry. I think Terry's not going to be back until Thursday--oh darn it, I thought today was Monday. Hmm. I'll sleep on it.