William Likes The Big Kids

Terry left for his hunting lesson late this afternoon, so I took William out to visit our neighbors. Usually it's just an older couple at home, but they had their whole family visiting, so there were five kids there to play with William.

Really it was mostly the two older girls and the youngest boy. I think their ages were something like 6, 5, and 3, I forget exactly. The oldest boy was reading in the other room, and the youngest girl was in her own world (she's under 2, I don't think they really play with other kids at that age). He had a much better time with these kids than he did with his own cousins over Christmas. I think it's because of the ages-- the 5 and 6 year-old girls knew how to play with a baby. My sister's 3-yr-old is a bit much for William to deal with; she seems very fond of him, but I don't think she's yet mastered the art of "gentle". And the twins are too young to really play with anyone else. William himself doesn't "play" with other kids so much as allows them to treat him pretty much like a baby (or a doll), while he watches with interest all that is going on around him.

It was great to have the kids playing with him since that saved me from having to amuse him for an hour. The girl held William's hands so he could walk around the room. The child was at a much better height for that activity than I am, it's too bad we don't have a short person here all the time.

While we were there, I sensed that William had to go to the bathroom. They asked me if I wanted to change his diaper atop the washer and dryer (closest thing to a changing table), but I said he needed to use the potty. Well, that threw everyone into a tizzy. They all wanted to see that, so I said that was fine, and so from the floor on up kids and parents had their heads poking in through the bathroom door to watch William use the potty. Fortunately, although his diaper was a little damp already, he still had to go. And everyone was amazed.

William also really liked watching the train that was set up on a track under the tree. I think my neighbors' kids & grandkids are all leaving tomorrow, but I might see if I can bring William back later in the week so he can watch the train again. He gets bored here at home, in large part because I'm too lazy to make things interesting for him. It's easier for me to just take him out of the house where all I have to do is sit around and he amuses himself by looking at new things. Even better when I can sit around with a cocktail, I happened to show up right at happy hour. . .