Making Progress on the Sweater

I finished knitting the front of the sweater I'm making for William. I decided to work on the hood before the sleeves, so I attached the front to the back (finished before Christmas) at the shoulders (I used the 3-needle bind-off technique for the first time) and have two stripes of the hood knitted. Probably have another five stripes or so to go on the hood, then I'll go back and knit the sleeves.

Or maybe I'll knit the ribbed edge around the hood and neckline.

I don't have to keep track of each row on paper anymore. Usually when I knit, I keep a sheet of scratch paper handy, and make tick marks when I finish a row so I'll know where I'm at if I get interrupted.

But now that I've finished a lot of the sweater, I'm also comfortable counting the rows in each stripe if I need to. The cotton yarn I'm using makes it pretty easy to count stitches. Some yarns are fuzzier and so it is more difficult to discern each stitch. Now that I don't have to concentrate so much on keeping track of the row count, the knitting is increasingly relaxing. I wouldn't have stopped when I did tonight, except that my right hand was starting to get sore. I'm knitting the hood on two needles, and since it runs 3/4 of the way around the sweater, the main part of the sweater puts up some resistance to being straightened out onto two needles. I use the size 3 often enough, I think I'll go get a pair of size 3 circular needles. I have a whole kit of circular needles now, but the smallest tip is a size 5.

I'm no longer worried that I won't finish the sweater while it is still cold enough for William to wear it. I should be done with it in the next week or so. I'll post photos when it's done.