He's SLAB

I've decided to make an acronym to describe a common (if not favorite) activity of William's-- Screaming Like A Banshee = SLAB.

So when Terry comes home and asks how my afternoon went, I can just tell him the baby was SLAB for an hour, or whatever the case is that day.

This evening he was only SLAB for about 15 minutes, but it was for 10 minutes while I was driving down the only roads that are actually still icy, and then continued to scream once I got him in the house.

I honked the horn when I pulled up, hoping Terry would come out to take William so I could unload the groceries, but I got no response. After I got William in the house (still SLAB) and didn't hear from Terry, I looked for the truck, and it was gone. Ugh.

Despite William's grunting in the car on the way home, he did not have a dirty diaper, nor did he need to go once we got home. So he wasn't screaming about that. He was definitely off his nap and feeding schedule, but he did finish nursing completely at 4:20 pm, and we got home at 5 pm, so he wasn't starving. I have no idea what he was carrying on about. It wasn't pain, since when we were in the car I got an immediate 10 seconds of silence when in desperation I handed an empty french-fry box back to him, and he examined it in silence before getting back to SLAB. If he was in terrible pain, I don't think he would have been distracted by an empty box.

Fortunately, it's really cold here, so I left the groceries in the trunk and swaddled William (still SLAB). That calmed him down. I lay down in the bed with him, and he fell asleep within 10 minutes. Then I was able to go back out to the car.

At this point, I looked around for a note or something since I had no idea where Terry would be, and I did find one. He said he left at 4 pm to go get a rototiller in Madison. Hopefully he'll get back home before the freezing rain starts, the truck is rear-wheel drive and doesn't handle great in bad weather. At least there will be something heavy in the back.

I wound up with fewer groceries than I'd like, because the huddled masses are taking this freezing rain forecast more seriously than I am, and all the good stuff was gone by the time I went in at 3:30 pm. I did manage to get all the ingredients I need to make Eggnog Cookie Bars (or something like that). It's the first recipe I'm going to try from a new cookbook I got for Christmas. So we'll be fine if we're snowed in, I have no problem living on cookies for a few days.

I looked for the "local" tags on things at the Whole Foods, to stock up to prepare for Diddy's challenge, but there really wasn't much. I got some strawberry preserves from Graves' Mountain Lodge, that's it. I have some Starr Hill beer here, and some wine from Barboursville vineyards. Plus the shallots and blackberries from our garden. I have local honey in the pantry, so I guess I'm now set for the first five days of the challenge. More days, really, since I have both lager and ale, and perhaps other types of beer from Starr Hill, I'm not sure. Hopefully the Gryffon Aerie (or whatever they're calling it now) out at Mt. Air Farm will be open this weekend, I should be able to pick up enough meat to get through half a week of individual local items at least. I'll get local eggs when we use up whatever we have in the house now. They might be local anyway, I'll have to check.