William Moves Forward (Video)

We didn't think we'd need to babyproof the house this soon. Last week was the first time William held himself up in the crawling position. He didn't go anywhere, he'd just go up and come back down. Sometimes he'd fall forward, sometimes back.

He's been rolling around to get things for a while now, but he's not all that fast. He's also been able to scoot forward enough to get a toy that's just out of his reach.

But tonight he began to move forward systematically. He'd get up on all fours, then fall forward. Then he'd get up again, and repeat. He's still not fast, but he can definitely move across the room rather than just a few inches. It's not crawling, exactly, but it doesn't matter, he'll be able to pull stuff over on himself in no time, so we'll have to babyproof the house.

Terry is very excited by this advance, I am proud of William for figuring it out, but I'm really not looking forward to leaving the lounging-on-the-sofa phase of parenting. I like this phase. I do not want to enter into the chasing-the-baby-around phase. But this, too, shall pass. In a few years I'll be able to sit around and supervise from the sofa again. Sigh. At least one of the good things about being an older parent is that time passes very quickly. Before I know it, five years is gone (although I'm not at the stage yet where decades slip by, I presume that will come later). So a few years of chasing a baby will seem like a mere blink of an eye.

Without further ado, through the miracle of digital video, anyone in the world can now see William's first intentional propulsion mere hours after it happened:

(maybe. YouTube seems to be having technical difficulties tonight. Try again later if it's not working now)