Bear in the Cooler

I looked out the window yesterday, and saw the cooler (previously on the front porch (since July, so what?)) knocked over in the side yard. I saw giant tracks near it, and thought the bear must've taken the cooler to look for food. So I sent Terry out there to investigate.

It turns out that the bear was NOT in our yard looking for food. The giant tracks were just dog tracks that Terry noted earlier after the blizzard, it's just that the snow melts fastest around footprints, so the prints look progressively larger as the snow melts. Terry says his footprints on the other side of the house are as big as trash can lids now.

And it's just coincidence that the cooler landed near the tracks. The wind blew it, it skidded across the icy crust of snow, and stopped when it hit the grass over the septic tank.

I'm glad it wasn't the bear. That thing is supposed to be hibernating, I hope it is.