Nah, Just His Pelt

I didn't think twice when I threw on this red sweater as I got ready for church. I guess I hoped maybe William would be amused by the fluff and he'd stay quiet and I wouldn't have to leave the room (we made it halfway through the homily, which is better than usual; we generally barely make it through the second reading).

When William started fussing, I left the main part of the church and headed into the back room where all the families with loud babies end up, watching the simulcast. I was kneeling on the floor (no kneelers in the back room) when one of the little toddler boys running around the room stopped in front of me.

His jaw dropped, and he stage-whispered to his mother (15 feet away), "It's Elmo!" while pointing at me. I didn't have an Elmo doll out for William or anything, so it took me a few seconds to figure out what the kid was so excited about.


Not exactly the look I was going for, but duly noted. I won't wear this to any kids' birthday parties. Unless I'm feeling ornery-- I suppose I could tell them, "well, actually, just Elmo's pelt." Heh heh heh.