Give the People What They Want

Now I'm starting to feel like a bona fide investment professional. I gained *another* follower, "Novadd" from Cambridge, MA. Now that I have as many followers as people I follow, I've started to feel a responsibility to do something for them. So I posted a few "journal" entries on the site. I shared my expert analysis (insert head shake and eye-roll here) of DBC's chart and why I'm not even thinking about selling despite the nearly 6% drop in value its seen so far today.

C'mon, so many of the traders and analysts all over the TV and web are full of $&*%. Sometimes I hear them on CNBC and I want to throw something at the TV they make me so mad. Sometimes of course I'm happy, especially when they're inappropriately fear-mongering since I'm invested bearishly and that helps my returns. But mostly I feel bad knowing there are actual viewers out there who will act on some of their dumb advice just because those guys are presented as "experts." So I feel completely justified sharing a bit of my thinking with the three people who seem interested.

Really, the only difference between me and someone on CNBC is that I'm doing my analysis at home, and not for some investment house in New York (with what happened to Bear Stearns, perhaps my analysis is BETTER than that going on inside a big fancy NYC investment house) so I'm not on the reporter's call list. Well, that plus a lot of highly intensive in-house training and a likely college major in finance plus several years experience, but that's really picking nits, now, isn't it?