I Prefer The Clean Install

I finally got around to upgrading from Vista to Windows 7. At first I just did the "upgrade" option, but it was buggy (sound icon kept disappearing, system wouldn't shut down properly, etc.).

Tonight I did a clean installation, and like it much better. I didn't even have to move my files over from my external drive (I made a backup before I started any of this), since there is a folder called "windows.old" on this machine and I just moved my files over from that. SO easy. It took a few minutes to find my settings files (bookmarks, trading data, etc.) but they were still intact, and also easy to move to the current folder.

An added benefit that didn't occur to me but I am very pleased about is that all the junk that was pre-installed on my laptop is gone. I'm glad, most of it was irritating. I use OpenOffice, but every time I tried to open a .doc or .xls or anything, the MSOffice trial software opened up DESPITE the fact I had set OpenOffice as the default program for those extentions. And so I had to click through declining all the stuff so the trials would close and I could just get to my program to see the file. Now all that nonsense is gone, and good riddance.

I'm also installing the smallest and lightest versions of utilities I use. For example, when I saw that Adobe Reader wanted to use 26MB or something absurd like that, I found SumatraPDF. It installed a PDF reader for only 1.3MB, and so far I'm pleased with it. I also installed a different PDF printer than I was using before, but I have yet to try it.