Yikes, I Just Read My Own Countdown

Only 9 days until the quarterly payments are due? How time flies! Fortunately, I've got a decent idea of what my tax liability will be since I did all those scenarios with varying amounts for the conversion to Roth IRAs. The 15th is next Friday, so I'll aim to send in the estimate next week. I've got too much other stuff I want to do this week.

I'm not keen on New Year's Resolutions since I really can't stick with something for a year, but I do have a few ongoing goals I've been working on for a while already, so what the heck, I'll turn them into resolutions.

--Keep the kitchen clean. This has been much easier to do since I took over cooking from Terry. Since I now am stuck just hanging around the kitchen waiting for food to cook (five minutes here, twelve minutes there, that sort of thing, not long enough to leave and start a project somewhere), I use that time to clean up. It's the same thing I did in NYC, it's just a much larger area to deal with now. But I've been keeping up with it for a few weeks, so it seems reasonable to set a goal to continue this indefinitely.

--Keep up with the laundry. Not surprisingly, it's been much easier to find clean clothes since I took over laundry from Terry. Not only are the clothes clean, THEY AREN'T RUINED. Two days ago I saw that a BRAND NEW pair of William's socks (very cute ones) had ugly red blotches all over them. I was puzzled how that could have happened since I knew I separated out all the red clothes for a separate load. Then it dawned on me, TERRY MUST HAVE DONE LAUNDRY. Sure enough, he decided to do a load and must have disregarded my separations (it's not even like they were piles on the floor, I have a laundry sorter with separate compartments!!). I asked him to please NEVER DO LAUNDRY AGAIN, except for diapers. He hasn't managed to ruin any of those yet (although he did shrink one of the diaper covers because he didn't realize it fell into the bucket with the diapers when he put it in the washer. It was a DIFFERENT COLOR than the diapers, so I don't know how he could have missed it, but Terry is always surprising me like this). Fortunately, after several different treatments, I was able to get 99% of the red out. I think you'd only notice it now if you knew to look for it. Anyway, to keep up with the laundry I wait until the hamper is full (approximately a week), then sort the laundry and do several loads throughout the day. If I didn't have to entertain William I could get it all done in one day, but as it is I usually have to spread it out over two days, with the odd load on the third day some weeks.

--Use body moisturizer regularly. This became a resolution after that whole business seeing how horrid my hands looked next to William's. And I'm also annoyed by how dry the skin on my legs looks when I'm at ballet class. So I'm really going to try to take the time to moisturize when I get out of the shower. It's such a simple solution, there's really very little excuse to not do this.

--Spend more time on handcrafts, less time on videogames. The videogame thing worked very well to distract me from drinking while I was pregnant, but now I'd like to wean myself from that. Not quit playing videogames altogether, but limit it so it's more equivalent to the minutes I spend drinking coffee and less like the hours of time I spend awake. Terry pointed out that I seem to really enjoy knitting and sewing, and I should spend more time doing those things. I agree. I enjoy them at least as much as videogames, so I might as well get in the habit of doing those activities instead of sitting around staring at a screen. With the games, all I have at the end of the day are high scores. With the handcrafts, I have useful things that will be good for hopefully quite some time, and will actually increase my quality of life on a permanent basis.

That's it. Four resolutions. I can't focus on too many things at once, and I've decided that these will bring me the greatest satisfaction in the coming year.