Mattress Stitch Is Slow

I finished knitting William's sweater last night, and thought I'd have it done today. I might have, if Terry hadn't decided to go to dinner with his friend for FOUR HOURS, leaving me with an extremely irritable baby who SLAB if I dared leave him, even though he was sleeping.

But that's not the point-- what I'm surprised about is how long it takes to stitch a seam using the mattress stitch. I used a different stitch to sew the sleeves to the body of the sweater since I was attaching a selvage edge to a bound-off edge. But now that I'm sewing together two selvage edges, my knitting book calls for a mattress stitch.

It's straightforward, catch one ladder thread with the needle, then catch the one in the same row on the other piece to sew them together, and continue. I really thought it would only take me about 15 minutes per side, but it's taking me WAY longer than that. So much longer, in fact, that I'm going to have to put it down to go to sleep and so I won't finish William's sweater today. Hopefully I'll pick up speed once I get more used to it.

I really hope I can finish the sweater tomorrow, at least. Not only because I want William to be able to wear this super-soft sweater, but also so I can start a new knitting project. William outgrew one of his wool diaper covers, and we could really use another to add to the rotation (it's best to let them air out between uses). We're getting by with two wool covers and a woven cover, but the woven one needs to be washed way more often than the wool, so I'd really rather just have three wool covers to use.

I got a "longie" pattern-- this is a wool diaper cover that has legs. It's good for winter, and I got some wool yarn in shades of green so hopefully William can just wear the longies in lieu of pants (at least around the house, if not when we go out).

I was considering making a hat for him the next project, but my neighbor came over today to fit him with a really adorable knit cap that even matches his mittens (in color at least, the cap has cables and so is much fancier than the mittens). She'll have that done in the next day or two, so my more immediate need will be for that diaper cover now.