My First Knitted Sweater

Yesterday, I finally finished knitting William's sweater. It's one stripe shy of being even since I ran out of dark brown yarn before I finished. I was at first very mad at the yarn shop who sold me this kit, but then I looked at the pattern again. I remembered that I did not follow the pattern exactly because I didn't knit the ribbing on the edges using a smaller needle than I used for the main sweater. I made the choice to use the same size throughout because I was already using a size 3 to make gauge, and I thought using a size 2 needle with this thickness of yarn would be just too much for the size 2 needle to handle (in the pattern, they said they used sizes 8 and 7). While I thought this slight change wouldn't matter, I see that I am wrong. It mattered enough that I ran out of yarn with one more stripe to go.

No matter, I just made the final stripe in a different color, and on we go. It's not like I'm going to put this in the county fair, it's the very first sweater I've ever knit, and I'm just happy to have it done. And it fits William well enough.

I've already started the next project, and it's going much faster I think. It helps that I'm only using one ball of yarn to make his longies. But the yarn makes it appear that I am knitting stripes. But I don't have to keep track of all the different threads and carry them up rows and weave in the ends and all that jazz like I had to do for the sweater. Plus, I'm knitting the longies in the round. I'm using circular needles for the first time. The first few rows were very difficult for me and I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it, but it got easier. I'm even more eager to finish this project since he NEEDS longies more than he needed another sweater.