Local Playgroup Next Week

A local woman I met through my crossword-puzzle gig is getting a playgroup together for some of us stay-at-home-mom's out here in Crozet. Hallelujah!

Allie's baby is about a year older than William, I'm not sure what the ages of the other kids are. But I don't care, it will be good to get out of the house and have somewhere William can go that doesn't involve a round-trip drive of one hour or more. All the women probably live within 10 minutes of here. I'm really psyched about this.

We'll meet next Wednesday at 10:30am. We'll have to take turns hosting, so this will give me added incentive to really baby-proof at least one room so there will be a place for the kids to play. I'm going to guess it will either be the nursery, upstairs lounge, or sewing room. I have my sewing machine on a folding table, and all my cabinets are on wheels, so it theoretically should be easy to clear out a nice big open space in that room. I'll have to think about it. I'll have a few weeks to come up with something.