Everything But Trading

I can't seem to focus on stocks today. I've taken a look at the charts for most of my current positions-- the market has taken a turn against me yesterday and today, but my patterns are still in force, so I just have to wait it out. But it's not inspiring watching the profits from last week just disappear minute by minute, and I can't focus enough to chart the international funds, which I haven't updated in several weeks and probably ought to take a look at.

Instead, it's "retro week" on facebook, so everyone is setting old photos of themselves as their profile pictures. So I dug out a box of old photos, and scanned in a few. It took longer than I thought it would because I had to find and install a driver for my scanner (the old driver got wiped out in the upgrade to Windows 7). Still, less than 15 minutes.

While I was waiting for the driver to download and configure, I continued knitting William's new soaker. I could have been reading my trading columns, but I can't even get my mind into that, and usually I can catch up on my reading even if I can't concentrate on my charts. But not today.

If Terry doesn't want to go out later (we're both getting a little stir crazy since it's STILL too cold to even go out for a walk with the baby, we prefer not to take him out if it's less than 40F since he doesn't particularly like the cold) then I will probably hit a stopping point on the knitting today. I need a size of double-pointed needles for the legs that I don't currently own. And I haven't been able to go out shopping since I usually take William, and I haven't been able to lift him for several days.

When the muscles around my rotator cuff started tingling even when I was at rest, I knew I to cut back on how much I was working them. I DON'T want to have to go through a repeat of the physical therapy I did the first time I ruined those muscles. Now I know the best thing for them is rest and gentle exercises so they can recover on their own. So I have not been picking up William, since he is the cause of their current state of destruction. It's been hard on Terry, since even when I'm watching William I get Terry if we have to go up or down the stairs, or if the baby needs to use the potty (although I ought to just bring one of his little potties into whatever room I'm in and help him in place, it's just I prefer to put him on the big toilet since there's no clean-up required. . .). But if Terry DOES want to get out of the house, I've already lobbied that we go downtown so I can get a leotard for ballet class (I've decided I can probably find one at least as flattering as my current workout clothes, after seeing what the other women in the class wear) and the yarn shop is also downtown so I can get the needles I need and exchange some yarn since I changed my mind about a project since the last time I bought yarn, and want to swap out the pink for more boy colors.

It's off-topic, but here are the photos I scanned in today (your reward for reading all the posts, even the ones about trading (or not trading, as the case may be):

Family photo either 1974 or 1975:

School picture from sometime in the 1970s (based on the outfit. . .):