Oooooh, Magic Loop Knitting

Terry does not want to leave the house today, so I am stuck without a set of double-pointed needles of the correct size. Or even a second pair of circular needles in the correct size. Since I am relatively new to knitting I don't have a whole lot of equipment, and I'm buying more on an as-needed basis. But while I was perusing online to find instructions on how to use two circular needles instead of double-pointed needles (dpn), I came across a video for knitting small diameter tubes with a single circular needle. It's called "magic loop" knitting.

I will definitely try this. While I don't have a lot of different needles, I did buy a set of circulars with interchangeable cord lengths. I'm using the shortest length now to knit the main part of the soakers. But I'll use the longest length with the same size needles to knit the legs in this magic loop way. It might be a little more tedious than using dpn since you're manually moving the stitches on and off the needles fairly often (vs just knitting them onto different needles with dpn). But at least it is something I can try without buying more equipment. It's not that I mind buying more needles, it's more about the logistics of getting them-- even if I order online it will take several days, and who knows when I'll be able to go to the store. I could probably borrow a pair from one of my neighbors (one knits quite a bit), but this magic loop thing might be even more convenient.