Magic Loop Isn't the Problem

I did finish the top part of the soaker this evening, and used the magic loop technique to start knitting a leg. I didn't even have to watch the video again (I usually have to watch the instructional videos several times before I remember a new stitch).

It is a bit tedious moving the stitches on and off the needles, but it's not that bad. It's certainly better than putting it off until I get a chance to get more needles.

But now the knitting isn't zipping along as quick as it was before, and it's straining my patience. My will to make longies is fading fast. William might get another pair of shorties. Or kind-of-longies. Like those briefs for men where the legs come down to the thighs. So William won't get diaper-cover-lines under his slacks, it's been a problem. . .