Shorties It Is

When I couldn't decide exactly how long to knit the legs for William's soaker, I asked Terry what he thought. He said without hesitation that the shorter the legs are, the better, because the longer the legs are the harder it is to get them on the baby. Good point, I hadn't thought about that.

So I knit the legs 1" below the crotch, and made a 1" hem using seed stitch. I think the proportions are pretty cute. At first I thought the soaker would come up too high at the waist, but then I remembered how high the diapers come up. The current soakers hit pretty close to William's natural waist, but the diapers stick out a little bit at the top, which is a problem since if they get wet they wick, and anything not covered by the diaper cover will make a wet spot on his clothes. So this new cover should completely cover the diapers even if the diaper is not optimally attached to the baby.

One short leg to go, and a drawstring, then I'll be done. I'd like to finish up tomorrow. But then there's a lot of things I'd like to do tomorrow, so who knows? It's more important that I get the tax payment done than finish the knitting. And I can't really count on getting more than one thing accomplished per day, although it's nice when it happens. The knitting is probably of equal importance to putting away the Christmas decorations, and of slightly less importance than getting out thank you notes for Christmas gifts.