Refining My Station

I'm still listening to Pandora at some point each day. Most often late in the evening while I knit. I renamed the station based on Mazzy Star "Don't Wake The Baby Radio". I've tried adding various different artists as seeds since using just Mazzy Star made it a little too monotonous with a little too much Radiohead thrown in there. Adding Morrissey didn't really work out, but adding K. D. Lang has been very successful. I haven't felt the need to add another seed artist, although I'm considering adding Natalie Merchant to see what happens.

I think the more important refinements are resulting from the songs to which I give a "thumbs up". I'm trying to steer away from songs with too much percussion since I find that disturbs the restful mood I'm going for. I'm simultaneously trying to avoid the most depressing songs. It's inevitable that some of the songs are rather blue because of the slow tempo, but I don't think it's overwhelming anymore, the station is playing a fair number of songs with positive themes now.

Here's a link to the station:
Don't Wake The Baby Radio