Ambush Makeovers Add Polish

Distracted again (I'm wondering if it's hormonal, I think I may chart the days I can't concentrate to see if there is a pattern), I somehow wound up on the Today show's page checking out the "Ambush Makeovers".

Unlike magazine makeovers, where it seems that they only select women who are naturally attractive and will look stunning after a makeover, these Today show makeovers seem to start with women who are pretty dumpy-looking when they show up. I haven't seen this live on the show, just the photos on this website slideshow, so I don't know how the women are selected. From the captions on the photos, it seems like they all have some "reason" to get a makeover (got laid off/going on job interviews, widowed/dating again, recovering from cancer, want to look good for daughter's wedding, 30th wedding anniversary, etc.).

I guess I looked through over 30 makeovers (based on the page # in the URL when I got bored with it), and was struck with how they worked.

First, it appears that the Today show makeover people either actually believe that everyone looks better in black or white, or they are just stuck in their sponsorship deal with the clothing suppliers that require clothes to be black or white. Hard to say. But I personally think a lot of those women would look better with some color in their outfits.

Second, they're not making most of these women look any younger. Which I find refreshing. Some do look younger, but most just look better. They take women who look like 50-year-old secretaries, and make them look like 50-year-old women executives. That's always a big improvement, in my opinion.

Third, I think they should fire the makeup guy, and get someone trained by Bobbi Brown in there. Again, I suspect the producers might be trapped by the sponsorships they've set up, but most of the time I think the makeup isn't doing these women justice. The vast majority of these women getting makeovers is north of 45, yet they're coming out with heavy, dark eyeshadow. That's a better look for women in their late 20s through 30s. I think these women would look much prettier if they focused on the eyeliner with neutral browns on the lids rather than the dark eyes they're emerging with. It might be that the dark eyeshadow plays better on TV so that's why they do it. But in the still photos it's obvious why the magazine makeovers often make the women who come in look like they're wearing LESS makeup rather than MORE makeup.

So there's my assessment of these Ambush Makeovers. Just in case anyone out there was waiting eagerly for me to weigh in on the subject. . .