Baby Crash Pad

Because we haven't gotten ourselves motivated to find or create a bedframe for William's new bed, I came up with an alternate solution.

He really can't sleep in the cradle anymore since he likes to roll over, and when he tries to do that in the cradle he knocks his head against the wood on the sides and it not only wakes him up but also hurts so he screams and can't get back to sleep. That was no good for anyone. So William has been sleeping in our own bed since he outgrew the cradle. But that wasn't great for everyone, either.

We didn't put him down to sleep on his new mattress when it first arrived, because when we did he'd promptly roll off, and wake himself up. But as the days went on, I was more and more tired of having this baby taking up room in my own bed, so I started him out with naps on his mattress.

I surrounded him with pillows, much like we do on the big bed to keep him from rolling off. But if he wakes up and we're not in the room, he WILL start to climb over the pillows and if we kept putting him in our bed it would be inevitable that at some point he'd take a header down 40" to the floor. I feel much better barricading him in the middle of his little mattress, since if he wakes up and tries to escape, the furthest he'll take a header is 6", and he's actually done that often enough that he's (finally) beginning to figure out that it's always more comfortable to leave the bed feet-first.

I put the big body pillow on the floor next to the baby mattress, since I lie down there if he's fussy when it's time to sleep. If I lie down next to him, he'll often fall asleep in just a few minutes, and I'm rarely in such a hurry I can't take a five-minute rest myself whenever this is necessary. It's not as comfortable as my bed, but it's much easier to get up without waking the baby once he's asleep.

William has taken pretty well to sleeping on his own again, he seems to like his mattress a lot. I think he likes that he's not crowded (which is precisely the reason I like him in his own space, too). He has been sleeping through the night again, so this is a good thing.

But I walked into the room last night, and I thought it was kind of funny that I've got this 28" tall man sacked out on a mattress on the floor of my bedroom. Like he was too drunk to make it home, so we're letting him crash at our place until he sleeps it off. Sometimes Terry and I really see William as a short strange man hanging out at our house instead of just seeing him as our baby. It's becoming clear that the boy is not a little clone of either Terry or I, so we're not sure who he is, exactly. He's just himself, I guess.

I suspect this is one of the mysteries of motherhood I would wonder about. As a parent, you get the experience of watching a human being from the very start. And it's fresh and new, since every baby is NOT quite like either parent. It's distinctly different than when you meet an adult and get to know them over time, although the process is still relatively new to me so I can't describe it precisely yet. But it's interesting.