I Finished Knitting the Wool Pants

Although I mostly finished knitting the pants yesterday (actually the pants were done two days ago, but I didn't finish the drawstring until yesterday), I wasn't completely done until today since I managed to misplace the drawstring minutes after I finished knitting it. Terry found it for me today, it was under one of William's pillows. . .

I'm pretty happy with the way these soakers turned out. They probably don't need to come up quite as high at the waist, and the legs needn't go quite a long as they do, but it's not too long in either direction. William's clothes still fit fine over them. And the extra coverage is fine for winter, it's good to have an extra layer on the baby since we prefer to keep it rather cool in the house.

The yarn ended up looking vaguely like a camo print, although you can see here the short rows in the back managed to be bright green, but I think it's cute. Like a little reptile.

I'm glad I measured William before I started knitting. I was originally going to knit the pattern size "large" (hips 18-20, rise 18), but I measured William very loosely over his swaddle while he was sleeping, and determined that although his rise was probably only 18" his hips were already 20" so he'd outgrow the large size very soon. So I knit the pattern in "extra large" (hips 20-22, rise 20).

Terry has been complaining that our current set of wool soakers doesn't work anymore. I think one reason for reduced effectiveness is because we've stretched them out putting them on a much larger baby than they were meant for. So the knitting is no longer tight, therefore there is more room for wetness to escape. This new soaker remedies that problem. The fit is good-- the knit is not stretched at all, so the fabric can block the wetness from the diaper very well. I haven't even lanolized the soaker yet, but it's performed well today just on its own. And there is a little extra room so William can grow and it will be months before this soaker gets stretched. I will probably go ahead and knit another one is this same size right away, so we can retire the old stretched-out soaker. It's so stretched out, I might have to felt it a little bit for it to work on a smaller baby again. Of course, I won't bother unless we need that; William might wind up an only child, but we're saving the baby clothes for a while yet just in case we have another baby at some point.

One thing I will do differently the next time is not do a seed stitch on the leg cuffs. I think it looks slightly feminine. It's not ruffles or anything blatant, but I think it subtly detracts from the manliness of the style. I'll use ribbing at the leg cuffs for the next pair, to match the waistband.

I already have some more wool yarn in the natural color, but since all three of the covers we've been using for the past nine months have been that color, I'm ready for a change. I want one pair in a navy blue, and another in dark brown. Depending on the pants William is wearing, the waistband of the diaper cover could be visible. Even if I knit the next soaker using the neutral fisherman's wool I already have, I might knit the waist and cuffs in a contrasting color that will better match his outfits. The light color wasn't bad in the spring and summer, but we're dressing him in predominantly dark colors now, and the light knit stands out now in an unpleasing way. Plus, I think the soaker will look sporty with contrast ribbing at the edges.

If I get my act together, I can pick up some colored wool at Michael's before or after church tomorrow. I have another skein of this greenish color, but I don't want two soakers exactly the same, that would be dull for me. I am knitting socks using some of the extra green yarn, that's enough of that color for now.