Conan's Last Week

I've been staying up late to watch Conan's last week hosting the Tonight Show. I last really liked the show when Johnny Carson was host. I gave Leno a chance, but stopped watching years ago.

And I liked Letterman a lot when his show was at 12:30am, but less after he moved to 11:30pm. But it was still better than Leno, so if I wanted to watch at 11:30, I usually chose DL. Conan, however, was my favorite at the late-night time for many years. But he started getting less funny in recent years--it seemed like he was burnt out and just going through the motions. That's when I switched to watching Craig Ferguson. He's very fun with his guests, and I think he's very appealing in a way none of the other hosts are (although Jimmy Fallon will probably compete there once he gets used to hosting his show).

But Conan got funny again when he took over the Tonight Show. He seemed reinvigorated, but by this summer I was going to sleep earlier than I used to years ago, and so seldom watched any late-night shows anymore. Terry and I used to watch TV every night from 11:30pm-1am. We liked it because we never had to worry about what shows were on which night of the week, it was wonderfully predictable.

Now I'm irritated that NBC has totally messed up the whole late-night landscape, and am bummed that Conan will likely be off the air for several years if he can't get out of his non-compete. So I'm staying up late to watch his last week on the air for old time's sake. He's on fire, very funny. I'm tired, but it's worth it.